About us

On behalf of Birmingham Futsal Club I am very pleased to welcome you to our club.

It was March 2005 when the very first Birmingham Futsal league was organised by Birmingham city council, with the league winners getting a chance to represent Birmingham in the FA FUTSAL CUP at the ENGLISH INSTITUTE OF SPORT in Sheffield.

When asked whether we would like to enter a team in the Birmingham Futsal league, The reply was ‘What’s Futsal?’ Once explained and realising what was at stake there was only one answer – YES!

From there on there has been no looking back

A team was formed and little did we know, we would be the first ever winners of the Birmingham Futsal league. We then went on to Sheffield to fly the flag for Birmingham in the FA Futsal Cup. We soon met our match and were knocked out without winning a single game in the group stages.

We weren’t going to let this stop us doing what we do best! After a good nights sleep and the FA Futsal Plate competition to look forward to, everything was to play for as far as we were concerned, and play we did.

Having turned around the performances of earlier games, a winning streak in the knockout stages of the FA Futsal Plate saw us in the finals and eventually winning the competition.

Having played in various Futsal cup tournaments up and down the country, playing in the FUTSAL PREMIER LEAGUE, BIRMINGHAM FUTSAL LEAGUE and the first ever FA UMBRO FUTSAL LEAGUE makes us the biggest Futsal club in the Midlands. A lot of hard work has been put into achieving this success even more into the every day running of the club.

Having recently gained CHARTER STANTARD (again the first club to achieve this award in Birmingham) this being a massive boost for the club and every one involved with the club.

The club has teams in a variety of different categories from youth all the way up to open age and delivers Futsal sessions across Birmingham attracting players from various backgrounds.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank every one who has supported the club.

Washwood Heath Youth and community network (WHYCN) for their continuous support over the years, Mark Sanders (Birmingham city council) for his overwhelming support and assistance, Chad Ehlertsen and Scot Leydon (Birmingham city council) for helping promote Futsal in Birmingham, Roger Wood (chairperson Birmingham county FA) and everyone at the BCFA for their help, Dermot Collins (The FA) for his support.

Players past and present your commitment and efforts are very much appreciated. Derek our club treasurer, last but not least Masood. Thank you.


Ikhlaq Hussain, Chairperson