We can offer your company a wide range of sponsorship opportunities with tangible and measurable benefits including:

Favourable PR:

we are a charter standard Futsal club playing at the highest level  in the UK working with young people ranging from 6 onwards, with senior mens and  womens teams

Brand association

Birmingham Futsal has an excellent brand awareness internationally

Commercial benefits

the benefit of working with a community club which can generate goodwill amongst all demographics.

Corporate social responsibility

By supporting us you will show you care about those who may be vulnerable in your community.

Universal appeal

There are 65 million people living in the UK today, Futsal is footballs baby brother with massive appeal

Projects and campaigns

Corporate sponsorship with Birmingham Futsal will enable your company to be associated with our ground-breaking projects, teams, competitions, tournaments, leagues and academies

We can offer your company a variety of sponsorship opportunities including:

  • Futsal games
  • Competitions local and international
  • A range of multi-media resources
  • FA Super League exposure
  • Local and national community services
  • Volunteering opportunities for your staff

Please email us at for any enquiries.